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Hey friends, I’m trying out a new blog service here at WordPress and wanted you to have an update about the new CD that will be coming out soon, as you may already know this will be all original songs written and composed by me, and I had the honor of having a plethora of special guests come into the studio and add their unique talents to my songs.

I play guitar and sing on every track, I also do lead guitar and harmonica on selected tracks, and my guests include the following fine musicians.

Sara Hickman – she sings with me on two songs, one is a duet and the other she does more of an echo-like harmony, as always her contributions are superb!

Mark Hallman – is a multi-talented individual, he has performed with a wide variety of artists including Navarro, Carole King, Dan Fogelberg and many others, he plays Bass and Drums, Piano, Steel Guitar and more on several tracks

Christopher Yarrow – while it’s true that he is the son of Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary, Christopher has a style and magic all his own, he plays Washtub Bass, Mandolin and Sings Backing Harmony

Kristin DeWitt – she sings with me on one track, a country-Americana flavored song, her previous works include backing harmonies with Sara Hickman, Tom Prasada-Rao, and many others as well as a wonderful solo album.

Laura Freeman – effortlessly channels singers of the bygone era of the 1920’s, she is a performing songwriter and has toured with Chris Chandler as well as fronting her own act Luna Tart, she recorded with me on my 2000 release “Laughing Like A Banshee” and our duet from that album stayed in the top 10 on the Americana music charts for two years, it is a pleasure to have her record with me again for the forthcoming new CD

Warren Hood – Fiddle player extraordinaire and one heck-ova nice guy, he added some beautiful fiddle to the duet that I did with Sara, he is son of the late great Champ Hood and recently won an Austin Music Award for his fiery fiddle.

Helena Nash – With two CD’s to her name with former musical partner Greg Greer in Butterfly Sky, you may have also seen her singing on main stage at various festivals with Jack Williams, Joe Jencks, David Llewellyn or Eric Schwartz to name a few, she is full of great uplifting energy and she sang backing harmony on a track on the new CD.

Theo Bick – performs Hurdy Gurdy on one very special song on the CD, a homage to my Celtic roots, Theo is a virtuoso with this wonderful instrument which has its origins in Medieval Europe, I raise my chalice to Theo and his great talent

Tami Griffin – performs with me at many of my live shows, she sings backing harmony vocals, plays hand percussion and is a wonderfully talented classical Flute player, Tami also recorded with me on 2000’s “Laughing Like A Banshee” CD and it is wonderful to have her on this CD and performing live as well.

Erin Jo Enochs – added her unique and stylish fiddle playing to two of my songs on the new CD, you may have seen her with The Erin Jo Show or performing around the camps at The Kerrville Folk Festival, always a bundle of smiles Erin also performed with me on the Threadgill Stage at The Kerrville Folk Festival pre-season concert series last year.

Brian Standefer – performs Cello on one of my songs on the CD as well, Brian is a fantastically talented musician who has recorded with Cory Morrow, Slaid Cleaves, Ian Moore, Eliza Gilkyson. James McMurty, Bruce Robison, Leeann Atherton, and more, he added his signature Cello to one of my original songs on the new CD.

Check this blog or for updates, thank you for support of my music,

I raise my glass to all of you !   best vibes — Rick

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